Public Transportation in Bremen and beyond: the Semester Ticket

Life on the Jacobs campus is active and bustling – every time you leave it you will feel like you are missing out on whatever is going on! But now and then you might want to get a taste of the Bremen city center. Or go shopping for groceries at the local supermarket near campus. Grab an ice cream at the riverside downtown. Drink a coffee with your friends while you work on your homework, just for a change of scenery. This is all possible for you thanks to your Semester Ticket.

All university students in Germany receive a prized possession every semester upon matriculating and paying their semester fees, called the Semester Ticket. This little yellow piece of paper is your key to places and cities near and (relatively) far. It allows you to take all public transportation in the city without hassle, including trams, buses and regional trains. You will never get tired of using this wonderfully valuable amenity.


Also, you will be pleased to learn that the joys of the Jacobs University Semester Ticket do not end in Bremen. Our Semester Ticket can take you to cities nearby in all directions of the wind. 

  • Concert in Hamburg? Sure.

  • Beach day in Cuxhaven? Why not.

  • Go visit the seals in Norddeich Mole? Go for it.

  • City tour in Münster? Yes.

  • Admire the animals at the Hannover Zoo? Go see them.

  • Stop by Hengelo (NL) to make your trip to Amsterdam cheaper? Do it.

  • Dive into 300 years of migration history at the Deutches Auswanderer Haus in Bremerhaven? Go learn.

All of these and many more destinations are accessible to you with your Semester Ticket. So just pick one and go!