Event of the month: Zulassungstag 2019

Earlier this month we opened our doors for the 5th edition of our yearly Admission Days, or Zulassungstage. More than 60 ambitious and highly-qualified candidates registered for the event and traveled to our campus from multiple locations within Germany.

What exactly is Jacobs University’s Zulassungstag?

Dean Arvid Kappas, Zulassungstag 2019 participant and pets

Dean Arvid Kappas, Zulassungstag 2019 participant and pets

It is a day where aspiring students can apply, get a personal interview, get to know the campus, and receive their admission decision – all in the same day! It is designed for students that are graduating high school with a German Abitur. It simplifies the application process in some of the steps. For instance, students who register successfully do not need to take the required English proficiency test, as their personal interview reveals their skills in the English language. Jacobs University’s Zulassungstag takes place every year in the summer, and it is open for students interested in our Foundation Year, our Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. If you think you might qualify to participate in this event, stay tuned and register next summer!

What does the journey of a Zulassungstag applicant look like?

This was the experience at Zulassungstag 2019:

First, our skilled candidates registered online for a time-slot and sent in their Abitur grades and certificates. When they arrived on campus on the day, a welcome package was waiting for them at the registration desk. They got a chance to walk around, have a coffee and say hello!

Then, the time came for their interviews. The students were individually interviewed by members of the Admissions team and our remarkable professors. The interview is the most important part of the process – it is an opportunity for the evaluators to get to know the candidates personally and have an open conversation about what motivates and inspires them. This helps them determine whether the student is a good fit for our academically-rigorous and tolerant international community, and it also helps the student determine whether the university is a good fit for them and their interests. These conversations present a unique opportunity for applicants and evaluators alike, as they are in a lot of ways more personal and less anonymous than online applications where we only get to know students on paper.

After the interviews, our super-team of student assistants took the candidates on a campus tour. Applicants discovered the university and the facilities available, the top-notch labs, the locations for sports and recreation, the dorms and all the amenities. As the tour is given by current Jacobs students, our candidates also got a good impression of the vibrant student life at the university.

Student Assistant Team | Zulassungstag 2019

Student Assistant Team | Zulassungstag 2019

When the campus tour finished, the moment of truth finally arrived – our applicants received their admission decision from the Dean and members of the Admissions team. Students got immediately notified whether they were admitted, and whether they received a merit-based scholarship! Admitted students took pictures with the Dean.

When they got their admission decision and all the stress was over, admitted students got the chance to speak to multiple staff members that were present that day. They spoke to our academic advisors and professors to get all their questions answered. They also had a meeting with our Student Financial Services team to learn about our additional need-based financing options.

Of course, all our candidates had the opportunity to relax, hang out with our Student Assistants, and enjoy our BBQ and selection of sweets. Friends, families and pets were also welcome to join!

Our 2019 Zulassungstag was, without a doubt, a happy and successful event. The candidates that were admitted still have some time to think about their decision to enroll. Even though you apply and receive your admission decision all in one day, it doesn’t mean that you need to commit immediately – but we think you should!