Exploring our Residential Colleges

At Jacobs University, all Foundation Year and Undergraduate students live on campus for the duration of their studies. Living in our diverse and vibrant campus is part of the Jacobs experience – engaging and learning inside and outside the classroom.

Every year in the summer we send out the housing survey to our incoming freshies, where they get to select their preferred residential college so we can consider that when we do our room allocation. When it comes to choosing a college – never fear! The facilities in all the colleges are the same:


1. All our students students have single-bedroom apartments, where you have your own private bedroom with a shared bathroom.

All bedrooms come with the same standard furniture: single bed with a duvet and pillow (80 x 80 cm), desk with a chair, closet, bookshelf and a lamp. But you can personalize your bedroom with your decorations and extra furniture that you like. One of our favorite Jacobs traditions: at the beginning and end of every year, students sell or give away their furniture, decorations, and all the things that they no longer need. Our own little flea market!


2. All colleges have a cafeteria, or as we call it at Jacobs: a servery. This is where you eat all your meals, and you can eat any meal in any servery you want.


3. All colleges have a quiet study area (QSA) where our students like to nest and write their papers or study for their exams.


4. All colleges have a Common Room that you can use as space for recreation and relaxing.


5. All colleges have a Media and TV Room that students can book to watch movies or sports games.


6. All colleges have a laundry room in the basement, equipped with washing machines and driers.

7. All colleges have the same student support system:

  • Resident Associates that live in the colleges and are there to assist you in your times of need.

  • A College Office run by staff and students that manage life and events on the colleges.

  • Resident Mentors that live in the colleges and lead their teams to support the social well-being of their students, their growth and development, their times of need, and the college spirit. You can meet your Resident Mentors below!


 So if all colleges have the same facilities, why would you choose one over the other? Here are some insights into what makes each residential college unique:


Krupp college

Krupp Momo.jpg

Krupp was the original college. When the university opened, this was the very first residential building. For this reason, Krupp has a very cozy atmosphere. The homiest feeling of them all!

Color: Red

Mascot: Phoenix

Events they organize:

  • Valentine’s Party

  • Krupp Acoustic Nights

Follow them on Instagram: @kruppcollege

Krupp Resident Mentor: Laura Smith (UK)

Laura Smith.jpg

Laura is from the UK and lives in Germany since 2013.

I love being the Krupp Resident Mentor because we are like a family and we aim to create an open and friendly atmosphere so that Krupp truly feels like home. Of course, the colour red and all the talents under one roof are also other reasons why I love my home!
— Laura Smith (UK) | Krupp Resident Mentor

Mercator college

Mercator Momo.jpg

Mercator has been known for being artsy and for its more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. It is the home of many of our campus artists, musicians, dancers and photographers. Mercator is excited to welcome enthusiastic Mercats who are ready to shape and make it their home away from home.

Color: Blue

Mascot: MerCat

Events they organize:

  • Mercatorstraße: an outside carnival in the spring with a different theme every year.

  • Vernissage: a thematic art exhibition and competition – poetry, painting, murals, collages, etc.

  • Oktoberfest Party

Follow them on Instagram: @mercatorcollege

Mercator Resident Mentor: Dr. Adilah Ponnurangam (Tanzania)


Adilah is the new Resident Mentor of Mercator. She graduated from Jacobs University in 2008 and was a Mercatorian herself!

I want to propagate the Mercator spirit of being the ‘home away from home’ for students from very diverse backgrounds. Being a Mercatorian is a very special thing. This community is very inviting, accepting and tolerant and everyone can feel at home. In my opinion, the perfect place to spend your undergraduate years!
— Adilah Ponnurangam (Tanzania) | Mercator Resident Mentor

College 3


The atmosphere in College 3 is on the louder side of things. Known for being the den of our social butterflies, C3 is the home of students who are very engaged in social events. They are also more enthusiastic about sports, and many of our athletic students live here.

Color: Green

Mascot: Dragon

Events they organize:

  • Halloween Party

  • C3 Quiz Night

Follow them on Instagram: @collegeiii

C3 Resident Mentor: Robert Rennie (UK)

Robert Rennie.jpg

Rob is from Barrow-in-Furness, a small town in northern England.

I became a Resident Mentor in College 3 because I wanted to be able to use my experience, passion and expertise to help students become as successful as possible during their time at Jacobs whilst benefiting from the diversity and excitement of living in a community such as ours.
— Robert Rennie (UK) | C3 Resident Mentor

Nordmetall College


Nordmetall is the largest and latest residential building to join the family, in 2010. This college is the home of a good mix of people with different interests. A quieter place for students to wind down after a bustling day on campus, but also the place where builders and shakers choose to live and shape a solid college spirit.

Color: Purple and yellow

Mascot: Polar bear

Events they organize:

  • Nerd Party

  • Christmas Market

Follow them on Instagram: @collegenordmetall

Nordmetall Resident Mentor: Catherine Paro (USA)

Catherine Paro cropped.jpg

Catherine moved to Germany in 2018.

I love being a Resident Mentor because I get to use my past experience and passion for mentoring college students during this transitional time in their lives, particularly at Jacobs, in such a vibrant, multicultural environment.
— Catherine Paro (USA) | Nordmetall Resident Mentor