Starducks Events: Meet Alumni Around the World!

Jacobs University’s mascot is a duck. You know what makes ducks so special? They are the ultimate creature in the kingdom: they can walk, swim, dive, and fly. This is a reflection of our philosophy and of what we prepare our students for: Jacobs alumni are versatile, capable and persistent – always ready for anything, anywhere!

Stefan Rustler (Germany/Thailand) | Class of 2012 | Starducks Bangkok

Stefan Rustler (Germany/Thailand) | Class of 2012 | Starducks Bangkok

This Spring, the Recruitment and Admissions team started the new Starducks initiative to connect admitted students with Jacobs University alumni. Future Jacobs students worldwide had the opportunity to sit and talk to our Star Ducks, those who have graduated and flown off to all corners of the world. There is no better way to learn about the university and all that awaits than asking those who have been there and done that.

On this pilot edition of our project, Jacobs alumni hosted Starducks events in 28 different locations around the globe: Singapore, Skopje, Bangkok, San Francisco, Shanghai, etc. Approximately 25 students were able to meet our alumni and discover the university over coffee! Our dear alumni were happy to help the new ducklings coming to our Jacobs pond, and came back with heart-warming stories about their meetings.

In New York City, alumnus Aleks Gyorev (Bulgaria) met a student who came with her dad and her brother. They had a really nice chat about academics at Jacobs, as well as life on campus and social events, and the experience of living in Germany.

In Munich, alumni Deya Aliaga (Taiwan/Spain/Germany) and Max Schallwig (Germany) met a student who drove with his family to Munich all the way from Budapest to meet with them. They ended up spending hours together and eating lunch with the family, who were surprised by the warmth of our students and were glad to have the opportunity to hear about the university from someone who has experienced it first hand.

Max and I both had a great time meeting them and getting to know them – it really brought us back to our times at Jacobs.
— Deya Aliaga (Taiwan/Spain/Germany) | Class of 2016

In Kathmandu, alumnus Lalit Singh (Nepal) hosted slightly bigger Starducks events with multiple students. Having spent three years at Jacobs, he had a lot of fun answering questions about student life and reflecting about the contrasting education systems and cultural differences that he has experienced.

Choosing a university and preparing for your future studies is always an exciting time. We are thrilled to have Jacobs graduates all around the world who keep our network strong and are willing to share their experiences with the next generations.

Are you a member of the alumni community interested in participating in our Starducks initiative? Get in touch with alumna Cristina Trifon-Calvopiña (Ecuador).

If you are a prospective student interested in meeting our alumni and hearing stories, stay tuned! We will keep you informed about future Starducks events in your area.