A Fall Guide to Living in Bremen

Anyone who has lived in Bremen during the months of September and October knows that this is the best time to be here, to experience Bremen in all its beauty. The onset of Autumn brings with a kind of colour to this port city no other season does. Although it still rains more often than not, the downpour only intensifies the scent of autumn – a scent abundant in the still, damp air.

Temperatures throughout fall average around a pleasant 17ºC, sometimes accompanied by a light breeze, meaning that a simple wind breaker or a trench coat paired with a fluffy pullover suffices. On days when there’s that gusty wind that nearly blows everything that comes in its way, adding up on the layers would be a wise decision to make.

As the weather gets colder, it might be tempting to stay in, wrapped in blankets. But it is about to get a lot worst so now is the time to wear your cozy autumn clothes, wrap up and go explore! Here are some things to do and foods to enjoy in Bremen in the this lovely season of the year:


1. Go to Freimarkt!

Towards the end of October begins ‘Freimarkt’, the largest funfair in all of Northern Germany. Freimarkt hosts a number of rides, arcade games, finger food and Bayern beer tents. Freimarkt is a lively way to unwind, have fun with friends, and spend an evening away from work and responsibilities.

Freimarkt 2019

Freimarkt 2019


2. Enjoy a nice walk in the colourful spaces near campus!

Knoops Park

Knoops Park

Classes and lab courses are in full swing at Jacobs in the fall months, but that doesn’t have to stop anyone from taking off for a bit to just stroll along the Lesum river in Knoops Park, or the woods behinds the university. There’s nothing more relaxing than stepping on piles of crunchy leaves like a child and feeling the autumn joy spread through you.


3. Or go explore the Bürgerpark!

On the sunny autumn days, you can go on a wonderful scenic bike ride in Bürgerpark. This beautiful park, with its 202 hectares, is the perfect place to be in nature (to an extent) and watch the changing colors. It also has a small free zoo and a mini-golf course!


4. Go to the cinema!

On the colder, rainier days, it is definitely nicer to stay inside. Visit the cinema! Bremen has many arthouse and more indie cinemas to enjoy – such as Schauburg in Viertel! They often show movies in English and every week they have a Sneak Preview night which shows surprise movies in the original language. If you feel like relaxing to mainstream cinema, there is also Cinemaxx! All tickets cost only 5.99 for any movie, on any day of the week.


5. Visit the Findorffmarkt!

If you are planning a visit to Bürgerpark, you might as well stop by the Findorffmarkt! It is a farmer’s market that opens on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 – 13:00, and on Saturdays from 8:00 – 14:00. Feel like cooking something for yourself? Maybe a delicious pumpkin soup? Visit this market where you can buy local produce, cheese, honey, eggs, and other amazing products. You can also eat breakfast there and take in the smells and flavours, and spend time with people from the neighbourhood in their festive autumn sweaters.


6. Work over coffee and cake!

There are plenty of wonderful cafes in Bremen where you can sit and enjoy coffee and cake while you do your homework and study. Some favorite spots are cozy Wohnzimmer, or Café Ambiente with its beautiful view of the Weser river. You should also try Harbour Coffee for one of the best cinnamon buns in Bremen, or Café Lagerhaus which shines not only for its atmosphere but also for its wonderful community-oriented cultural offer. Any place in Schlachte is of course, also a good idea.


7. Hungry?

Stop by Markthalle 8. It is a food market where you can enjoy many different dishes prepared with love and from conscious and sustainably-sourced ingredients. Looking for a vegan option? Visit Vengo in Viertel, which is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant offering a variety of fusion dishes. Are you looking to sit on the floor, eat with your hands and enjoy an overall different experience? Try out Kamayan. It is a Philippines-fusion restaurant that changes their menu every month and experiments with flavors and ingredients from the Philippines but also other parts of the world. It is a wonderful place to go with a few friends and share the different options they offer while you sit on their cushions and low tables.


 It is absolutely essential to seep the autumn flavours and colours for every second that it exists, because come December the weather becomes frigid and all of our noses become blue. Fall is fleeting and it is gone sooner than you can fathom, so make sure to make the most of every moment of it!

BY USHASHI BASU (INDIA) | CLASS OF 2020 and Cristina trifon-calvopiña | Recruitment and admissions

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