Foundation Year at Jacobs: the right choice for you?

The Foundation Year at Jacobs University is the perfect transition between high school and university. Year after year, our Foundation Year students add an additional dimension of drive and ambition to our campus as they explore their interests, get inspired, and grow into their future.

Our Foundation Year prioritizes the personal and academic growth of each student by strengthening their knowledge and paying special attention to their skills. Do you need to improve your academic English before starting your university studies? Do you want to reinforce your knowledge of certain subjects before diving into a demanding fully-fledged Bachelor program? Do you need some more SAT preparation to present the application that you want? Or do you simply need more time to sample different classes and interests? The Foundation Year at Jacobs University might be the right choice for you.

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Five Reasons Why I chose Foundation Year at Jacobs University

Aidos Zhagparov

Aidos Zhagparov (Kazakhstan) | Class of 2020

Aidos Zhagparov (Kazakhstan) | Class of 2020

  1. Personalized guidance from the whole Foundation Year Team

    I am so thankful to the whole Foundation Year Team for such meaningful support in ways ranging from strategic academic consulting to personal guidance.

  2. Receive internationally-recognized and transferable credits

    One of the big advantages of Foundation Year is that it allows you to dive into the life of a Bachelor student and receive ECTS credits for the courses that you will take.

  3. Get a taste of different fields of study

    Those who are not sure what they want to study will have an opportunity to take courses from different programs and see what they actually like. This is a high privilege for students, allowing them to exist within differing academic spheres as they discover what suits them best.

  4. You will develop better academic English

    Despite the fact that I had a pretty good English-speaking background (I have an American High School Diploma), Foundation Year helped me to refine the skill of academic text comprehension. Academic English is a vital skill for a successful college career.

  5. Get to know people from all over the world

    At Jacobs you will experience a unique international community. A friendly and welcoming community plays a significant role in a smooth transition from high school life to college life. Moreover, you will have friends from all around the world and you will get first-hand insights about many countries.

Aidos comes from Kazakhstan and he learned about Jacobs University through a presentation at his high school. He completed his Foundation Year successfully and is now pursuing his BA in International Business Administration at Jacobs.